Lulu Newborn Pearl Bracelet Release

After a few months of settling in with my little cherub I have finally jumped back into the swing of things. The release of Lulu was a sentimental release for me. It is a bracelet I wanted to celebrate the shared journey of mama and bubba during the 9 months of pregnancy. Crafted of 9 large pearls (mama) and 9 small pearls (baby), this bracelet is designed for newborns to wear for the first few months. This classy bracelet makes for a great accessory, particularly in newborn photoshoots and every other significant milestone. Best of all, this bracelet is designed to connect with Coco, the matching mama bracelet to extend the journey further to be worn as a necklace for baby and choker for mama.

Check them both out by searching “lulu”, “coco” or “pearls” in our top search box.

Can’t wait to share more sentimental pieces with you over the next few months.

Much Love,


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